Code Samples FineReader Engine

FineReader Engine FlexiCapture Engine

  • ABBYY ships code samples with all the SDKs
  • The code samples are installed with the SDK documentation
  • Developers can evaluate/modify/compile the source
  • In FineReader Engine 9.0/10/11 the samples on Windows are partly pre-compiled so that you can start and test them right away
  • ABBYY provides SDK Trial with the full feature set.
    Sorry to say that there is no instant FineReader Engine SDK download, every request will be qualified before the test-license number and the download-login will be provided - More about trials...

FineReader Engine Windows Samples

FineReader Engine Linux Samples

  • FineReader Engine 11 Linux contain less code sample set as the Windows version, and they are not pre-compiled, never the less they are a good starting point for evaluation.