ABBYY OCR SDKs, Data Capture and Advanced Text Analysis Technologies

This website contains technical information about ABBYY SDKs for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and language technologies, and is perfectly suited for:

  • Developers who
    • plan to integrate text recognition, classification and intelligent data extraction in their applications and systems
    • want to enhance their Search, ECM, Data Management or eMail Management solutions with language technologies
    • are evaluating and testing a specific ABBYY SDK for the first time
  • Existing ABBYY SDK developers who
    • need the latest release
    • plan to upgrade or add new features
    • are interested in exploring further technologies from ABBYY
  • Technical audiences who are interested in recognition, conversion and advanced text analysis tool kits

Developer News

Read more: FineReader Engine 11 - What is new Overview

  • FineReader Engine 11 CLI for Linux - Release 3 available (08.07.2015)
    • This is a maintenance release containing new features and improvements:
      • Parallel export to PDF
      • Possibility to specify, whether the input image should be treated as a photo.
      • Speed up during binarization stage
  • FineReader Engine 11 Linux - Release 4 available (19.06.2015)
    • This is a maintenance release containing new features and improvements as well as fixes:
      • Back-up possibility for the network license server (network license redundancy)
      • Export to memory
      • Parallel export to PDF and to PPTX
      • New profile for faster barcode recognition (speed)
      • Technical preview of a new OCR language - Farsi.
      • Possibility to enable and disable interpolation in PDF viewers
      • New property for shadows and highlights correction in photographs
      • Possibility to improve recognition quality by removing color objects during pre-processing stage
      • Support of corrupted tiff files opening
      • Possibility to save images to PNG with transparent background ... more detailsDownload (Login needed)
  • Mobile OCR Engine 4.0 - Update of Release 13 available (12.05.2015)
    • This updated maintenance release contains only bug fixes.
    • iOS: Download (Login needed)
    • Android: Download (Login needed)
  • FineReader Engine 10.5 - Release 6 available (17.04.2015)
    • This maintenance release contains only bug fixes.
    • Download (Login needed)
  • FineReader Engine 11 - Release 5 available (02.04.2015)
    • This is a maintenance release containing new features and improvements:
      • Parallel multi-page image opening
      • Visual quality improvement of exported PDFs with MRC compression
      • New Java wrapper functions for loading Engine
      • ... more detailsDownload (Login needed)

  • Mobile Imaging SDK 1 - Release 3 available (02.04.2015)
    • NEW: support of 64-bit ARM architecture for iOS
    • Android and iOS: Download (Login needed, password changed)
  • New hardware protection - Wibu-Systems CmSticks (31.03.2015)
    • As of April 1st, 2015 ABBYY Europe will deliver Wibu-Systems CmSticks dongle hardware for new purchased development licenses ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 Developer Licenses.
    • European SDK customers with FineReader Engine 11 iKey 1000 development dongles will get a special update offer.
    • The update of the hardware protection dongles is needed, because the iKey 1000 Dongles reached end of life and are not supporting the latest operating systems.
  • Mobile OCR Engine 4.0 - Release 13 available (11.02.2015)
    • This is a maintenance release including:
      • Support of Android 5.0 for x32 ARM architecture
      • New feature: Possibility to automatically detect inversion of the text for manually set-up text blocks.
      • Some fixes.
    • iOS: More detailsDownload for iOS (Login needed, password changed)
    • Android: More detailsDownload for Android (Login needed, password changed)

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